A Beginning.


A travel blog was what I have always been wanting to start but being an amateur traveler was a major deterrent. Then I realize, I may not have a collection of HD photographs like other bloggers I follow but I do have my experiences and tips that I can help people with. This blog is therefore all about my experiences in places I have been to or will be going to too soon.

I don’t think there is any being on this planet who hates exploring new places and if there is  feel sorry for them. Although I was always aware of the nomadic instinct within me but it only became full fledged once I moved to UK in 2009 for my Master’s and since then I have only looked for opportunities to sneak away to explore some more. Exploring is a expensive passion, not anybody or everybody can afford.I won’t say I am a full-time traveller who scout for travel competitions to win free stay or tickets rather I have a full-time corporate job. Needless to say I save only little since all my money goes in yet another journey.

Advanced civilization comes with various protocols. As much as I love to travel, these ruthless visa formalities slows down the whole process. I would be happy to help with visa queries for the countries I have been to (obviously only for Indian nationals). 

Through my blog posts I want to recreate the events happened with me and how the place played a role in making it better or worse.