Top 4 eating places in Jodhpur


The city of Jodhpur reflects blue if seen from altitude due to blue painted houses.  The city is known for its small lanes, authentic Rajasthani clothes specially bandhini (a.k.a. bandhej) and Rajasthani food.  You can’t miss Rajasthani food when you are in the city. It’s a feast.  Some very famous Rajasthani dishes are Dal Baati Churma, Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Sabzi, Kadhi, Pyaz Kachori, and the list goes on.

Since the city has a lot of restaurants you may easily get confused. Here is a list of my places where you can enjoy a good meal or time.

1. Gypsy Restaurant

As the name suggests the place is not at all gypsy. In fact it serves the best traditional Rajasthani Thali. Located in Sardarpura area of Jodhpur, the place is always brimming with foreigners and even locales. On any good day you may have to wait in a que to get a table but it is quick serving. The platter consists of mix of best 2-3 curries, 2-3 vegetables and sweets. You need to be really empty stomach before coming here as the meal is sumptuous to fill you for the day. The flavors just burst in your palette. You can even choose to order individual dishes from the menu rather the whole platter. But if you are in the city ou must try their platter as it offers authentic rajasthani cuisine at one place. Plus you can even ask for more, it is like a buffet where you are served at the table.

The mean costs around Rs.500 for two people which I think is quite rightly priced considering the quantity they offer.


2. Panorma 360 view

Having a good meal and a view of magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, it can’t be nay better. Panorma 360 is a terrace restaurant on Hotel Inn Pal located near clock tower. The place can easily be located. Enjoy your meal on a breezy evening with great ambiance and view. You know I feel eating at such places really make your meal memorable. The place offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian rajasthani cuisines. It’s a good place to try Rajasthan’s famous Lal maas (red meat).  I won’t say it has the best food but not bad at all. Certain dishes were good but some were bit spicy.


3. Jhankar Choti Haveli

It’s a small cafe in Makarana Mohalla near Mehrangarh Fort. The place is good for snacks and spending good time in evening. You can bring your laptop, the cafe offers free wifi, plays good Indian music. Though I didn’t try main course there but just snacks, I would still go again to that place for its ambiance and backpacker crowd which gives you ample opportunity to indulge in good conversations and make friends for life. The place had a traditional Indian set up and thus gives you a lot to capture in your lens. The place is quite decent for pockets.


4. Cafe Mehran

There are not many choices of eating joints in the premises of Mehrangarh Fort. One such cafe located in the fort is Cafe Mehran. I had heard a lot about the cafe and seeing the crowd there I was very enthusiastic about it. But unfortunately I think the place is a bit overrated in terms of food. Though the place is always buzzing, well it could be because it is better than the other cafes in the fort. The food it not bad but very ordinary. It’s a sort of fast food place where you can rest after your long walk around the fort and have a quick bite but nothing more than that.


Getting to Jodhpur

Rajasthan is quite well connected by roads and railways.

There are few trains that goes direct to Jodhpur and even Jaisalmer. To name a few – Mandor Express, Del-Jsm Express, Rajasthan S Kranti etc. You can choose what suits your timing.

For comfortable travel you can book cabs from Delhi or Jaipur to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.



Wild Ranthambore

Last weekend I took a trip to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. It is about 5-6 hour  away from New Delhi. As soon as I stepped in my resort I was welcomed by majestic Rajasthani hospitality.


And then the day came when I took the safari to see the majesty of the forest. And look what I spot first …


A stag..and he crossed the road in front of us, its whole movement was captured. For more pics look at my other blogpost here.

We also got to spot spotted deers and lots of them.


We were taken to a spot where there were a lot of peacocks who were friendly not shying away from visitors. And how charismatic it is..


There was this whole lake blanketed with red algae..We got to see some other birds there and a crocodile which was too far to spot. Some didn’t even believe if it was a real one. It looked real to me but I have my own doubts.


Although it was a tiger reserve the only thing we didn’t get to spot was a tiger. Pretty disappointed I was. I also wore my leopard print pants, I was that excited. But after that I got to know it is a 10% probability to see a tiger here. The guide told me that the Wildlife enthusiasts take about 50 trips to and fro to see one Indian tiger, well I was just unfortunate. But I really enjoyed the jungle safari although the bumpy ride really strained my back.

After I got back home I googled more on if they are even any tigers there in this reserve or is it just a gimmick. I found out something interesting story about a tigress of this forest.  Read about her story here.

Unexplored journey – Lansdowne

Not all journeys are successful. This doesn’t mean the others which are not successful are failures but sometimes they leave a story behind which you wouldn’t mind telling to people again and again.

So this was back in 2010 December.  My father has always been very spontaneous on travel. It’s a record that he has never booked a hotel room well in advance and his idea  behind this is in India you can always find a place to crash for a night and if you don’t, you always have your car.  It was around New Year holiday when at a prompt, my family decided to celebrate New Year’s eve at some hill station. It was still 31st morning and we all started packing not sure of destination. My dad while packing kept asking me to Google any place within 300 kms from Delhi. After a lot of  yes and no we finally pinned down Lansdowne.  My family had never heard of this place before and they were bit skeptical at first but since it was 250 km from Delhi and bit unexplored they got convinced.  Like a adventurous family we packed everything in our SUV and left for Lansdowne.  Lansdowne is a very small hill station in the state of Uttarakhand in India.  It is a relatively a less touristy place.

It was very unfortunate that in a very less time of our journey we got stuck in traffic for almost 4-5 hours.  For once my parents gave up and suggested to return back home since it was winters and Lansdowne being a hill station is prone to thick fog which could hinder our drive.  But like an obstinate traveler I insisted to carry forward and so we did. As expected by the time we reach the hill slopes the fog blanketed the road and we all were at the edge of our seats. While in ascended towards the destination I observed Lansdowne is located on a very steep hill, so driving here is not easy especially in night. Additionally it is not a very touristy destination back then in 2010, now it has, so the roads were not well maintained and there were no street lights to top it all. We were driving in a secluded rocky terrain, steep slope, thick fog, and adding to the difficulty there was also unfenced deep trench , I don’t know if there was a  water body running below or pointed stones as it was pitch dark. As a family we were happy that we were together that if something happened tonight it would be to all of us. Needless to say it was a high point of anxiety and fear to my mother, she started a series of endless chanting and prayers that we reach safely to the town. This high tensed drama went on for atleast 5 hours. I won’t lie but the thought that why didn’t I stay back at home came to my mind but I did not let it out rather I had put a brave face and was showing how fun this journey is.  

But after brave driving by my father we reached to the point when we saw first Motel but the town was still 1 km away.  The Motel was having its New Years Party with all it guest enjoying.  We were  pretty excite seeing people after 5 hours so we halted there for a while and did general inquiry about the place.  There we got to know that the further road to the town is blocked due to a landslide !!! It was such a devastating news to us. After such a hard driven journey, all we got was an unexplored destination. We were still curious so went further to see if we can drive through the landslide but we saw a bus stuck half in the trench which of course freaked my mom and she commanded everyone to not to even think of doing any stunts but to take a room at a Motel we first saw. So we didn’t further proceeded towards the town. Alas!!!.

 We were being followed by the bad fate that Motel was full and there was no other Motel in that area so here we were out in the cold without any roof just the car and four of us. We had dinner at the Motel and James Bond decided to leave back to home that very night. After a lot of confrontations we decided to go back to home and it was still midnight. We had to face that scary ride again in one night. But thankfully descending down was not that scary than before. We reached the foothills but the fog was still thick. While my brother and dad were taking turns on driving I was having my goodnight sleep. I would only wake up when I would hear that they lost the way and took the wrong turn and reached to dead ends. I remember my brother also asked a way from a man who guided us in detail but later we realized he was a thief!!! and was trying to steal a car.  In sometime we reached the outskirts of Delhi and watched the sunrise. 

This was one failure trip when we couldn’t reach to the destination but this whole journey has left a deep impression in my memories which I think I’ll always pass as strange stories from my travel.  I do plan to go to Lansdowne again sometime but may be sometime in summers so that I can see what was below in the trenches.

I have no pictures from this trip but I still want to put some from Google so that readers can relate and imagine the whole journey I had been though.