Wild Ranthambore

Last weekend I took a trip to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. It is about 5-6 hour  away from New Delhi. As soon as I stepped in my resort I was welcomed by majestic Rajasthani hospitality.


And then the day came when I took the safari to see the majesty of the forest. And look what I spot first …


A stag..and he crossed the road in front of us, its whole movement was captured. For more pics look at my other blogpost here.

We also got to spot spotted deers and lots of them.


We were taken to a spot where there were a lot of peacocks who were friendly not shying away from visitors. And how charismatic it is..


There was this whole lake blanketed with red algae..We got to see some other birds there and a crocodile which was too far to spot. Some didn’t even believe if it was a real one. It looked real to me but I have my own doubts.


Although it was a tiger reserve the only thing we didn’t get to spot was a tiger. Pretty disappointed I was. I also wore my leopard print pants, I was that excited. But after that I got to know it is a 10% probability to see a tiger here. The guide told me that the Wildlife enthusiasts take about 50 trips to and fro to see one Indian tiger, well I was just unfortunate. But I really enjoyed the jungle safari although the bumpy ride really strained my back.

After I got back home I googled more on if they are even any tigers there in this reserve or is it just a gimmick. I found out something interesting story about a tigress of this forest.  Read about her story here.

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